N. D. Hansen-Hill

I have a passion for writing...and painting. Iím always afraid, before I hit the keyboard or the canvas, that Iíll suddenly find I canít do it anymore.

Writing and painting are such gifts, you see. Not something you really possess, but something you need to work so hard at in order to take any ownership at all. The payback isnít monetary, either - whatís worth far more are those manuscript moments when you lose yourself in a scene, and become the cliff-climber, or the ghost-challenger. Writing like this can be exhausting, but afterwards, you feel dissociated, and need to re-orient yourself to real life. Itís great!

Painting is much the same, even though it terrifies me. Iím never comfortable being an "artist", because I never grew up with any passion for drawing or any talent, and every time I finish a painting Iím actually astounded that I did it! Itís similar to the feeling I get when I re-read one of my manuscripts, and come to a scene I like and think, "Did I write that?!". I only dimly recall writing it, you see...because in my mind, I was there!

Titles Available from N. D. Hansen-Hill

Zack Loganís origins are far from "local". His family ties extend back five thousand years, to a time when Egyptians revered their Pharaohs as gods.
Justin Hyde studies the past. Itís a manufactured past, and Justin is one of the few who realizes it. Itís his job to discover...what isnít there.
Shawn Walshís problems donít arise from his own troubled past but from someone elseís. Fires, floods, battles, bone-rattling quakesóheís frequently an unwilling and horrified participant in events long gone. For when The Hollowing claims him, his present dissolves.
Jasper Gray has a rare gift. Heís a dowser, capable of seeking out-and finding-precious metals and gemstones and wresting them from unremarkable rock. Heís a man with a mission whose life is going nowhere. Jasperís future is threatened, haunted by the ghosts of his past. Thereís one whose destiny lies along a similar path, whose efforts spawn treachery. If Jasperís not cautious, the day will come, soon, when the two of them are at each otherís throats. In the end only one can win, and Jasperís genes have already predicted the winner. His only hope is that a forged bond of friendship will outweigh kinship...and overcome the shadow of Gray heritage.
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