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ISBN-10: 1-55404-442-1
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 182 Pages
Published: April 2007

From inside the flap

A wild adventure on a distant planet, a millennium from now, in a tale with plenty of action, sex, adventure, mystery, suspense, and danger throughout. It is also the wonderful story of romance, intrigue, and empowerment set in that distant time and place. And there are always the sinister forces of the powerful Imperium secret agency, from which all truth must be kept hidden.

A lovely young, feisty (and single) woman journalist travels from Earth to the Planet Er-Da. There she suddenly experiences way too many difficulties with a very mysterious, handsome (and single) alien male. There’s endless culture clashes, along with language barriers and customs confusion, and a powerful secret involving the evil enemy way beyond their control. Not to mention their greatly growing physical attraction to each other!

Despite the rough and gruff Er-Dan male being such a problem for her, the young Earth heroine is able to get both herself, and him, organized to the point where the two of them could have a happy life together. But she needs to assert her individuality and self worth, and also prevent their capture and harm. She proves herself to be strong and determined, using both her brain and body in ways she herself never before dared were possible.

This is the story of a deeply caring woman, and of a male who has to finally reveal his true self. Together they have to learn that they must cooperate, and combine forces, to overcome any and all difficulties encountered.. Their love could see them through the many dangers amassed against them, until the realization of an ultimate one that neither of them could have possibly expected.

Reviews and Awards

Kwips and Kritiques Review:

THE ISLANDS OF MAK-NAW is a splendid blend of romance and intrigue. I loved the passion that ignites between Barnur and Katrena. He is a mysterious figure and it takes a woman like her to unwrap the layers he has hidden himself under. The pages crackle with the tension between these two strong-willed characters and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!

Unfortunately, there were times when Barnur seemed a bit too strong-willed for my liking. His constant mistrust of her and his abusive language towards Katrena made me want to reach in the book and knock some sense into him. I know she is a reporter, but the trust issues remained. She bared her very soul to him in a heart wrenching scene and my heart ached for her when the two alien males later called her crude names. Also, she certainly shows that she has the right to be respected for her mind and not just her physical attributes, and I wish this had been highlighted a little sooner in the story.

Jeffrey Redmond definitely knows how to write a story with a twist! The conclusion is sheer genius as the heroine’s intellect is showcased to full potential. THE ISLANDS OF MAK-NAW is an entertaining story and one that will keep the reader glued to the pages, anxiously waiting to see just how it will all end.

Reviewed By: Anne



When she arrived on the planet, she wanted to feel alert. If she could sleep soon, and catch a nap on the space transport, she’d be alright. The events of the last months receded and she began to relax at last. The space flight was, as usual, smoother and faster than expected thanks to the latest in multi-speed of light technology. And her nap was a refreshing one.

The spaceship captain announced about where they were going. It was into the Cygnus system and to the star known on Earth as "RAWR." From Earth it could be seen, on clear nights, just above the star known as Deneb.

"The coordinates are Right Angle 20 hours, 14 minutes, 11 seconds, and Declination 49 degrees, 31 seconds," he officially stated.

The sun known as RAWR to the Terrans came from an ancient Earth woman named Ruth Audrenne Ward Redmond. It had several planets orbiting it, including the one with three moons and, of course, Er-Da.

"The planet is Class M with a nitrogen oxygen atmosphere, and is only slightly smaller than our Earth," the captain continued to explain. "Everyone will weigh only one or two kilograms less on the surface, and will be able to breathe normally."

The space transport reached Er-Da, and the shuttle transport took the passengers down to their destination there: The distant part of the planet, surrounded by the greater fresh water sea, known as the coastal region. It had a central town and a coastal village. And, farther out in the misty sea, barely visible along the horizon, were the distant and mysterious places known as The Islands of Mak-Naw.

Chapter One

"Well that’s just great!" snapped the Terran female as she staggered to keep the wooden boat in the wind roaring across the larger fresh water sea.

"That’s just terrific! How am I supposed to get off this gods forsaken island if you won’t wait for me?"

Waves smacked against the dock, spraying her water proof jacket and brand_new hiking trousers. She clamped one hand over her wide_brimmed felt hat _ the latest fall fashion in The Terran Colony _ and gripped her briefcase with her other. Black clouds boiled on the horizon, and the tall Er-Dan trees hissed with a wind so strong it was blasting fallen leaves through the tumbled mass of her curly brown hair. The storm blowing down out of Kan-Ata was surely gale force status. The little Er-Dan owner of the little boat that had brought her across the sea sat stubbornly in the stern of his craft, gripping the rudder for dear life. He raised his voice to be heard over the howl of the wind.

"I’m not staying here all night, Earth Lady! Either you come back with me now or I’ll get you in the morning when the weather’s settled down!"

"I’ve got a job to do!" she shouted at him. "And I never give up on a job. Don’t you know who I am?"

"No, ma’am," yelled the youth, and he looked as if he was about to add something else, like maybe he didn’t care to know who she was.

"I’m Kata-Rena , you idiot."

To prove her point, she let go of her hat and flashed a plastic_coated identification tag that she’d wrestled out of her jacket pocket.

"I’ve been on the Earth television broadcasts to this planet four times! And right now I’m working on the biggest story of the century. You’re missing your big chance to be a part of history!"

"Earth lady," he shouted, clearly unimpressed, "there’s nothing worth reporting up here in these islands. Nobody in their right mind would live up here_not unless they’re hiding from the Imperium Security Service."


He peered up at her through the first spattering of raindrops.

"You sure don’t look like the Imperium Security, ma’am."

"I’m not the Imperium Security! I’m a reporter. A writer! Don’t you people have television up here? Bookstores? Newspapers?"

Unable to keep her secret mission under wraps another instant, she burst out, "I’m here to find Raf-Er! You’ve heard of him, surely?"

The youth’s eyes popped.

"Raf-Er ? The leader of that infamous singing group? Earth Lady, you’re crazier than I thought. That one’s been dead for ten years!"

"That’s what everybody thinks," Kata-Rena bellowed.

"But I’ve got a lead that says he didn’t die at all. He’s been living right here, and I’m the one who’s going to write his story!"

The Er-Dan youth shook his head.

"You’re insane! No one lives up here!"

"Oh, no? What do you call that?"

Triumphantly, she pointed at the treetops where the outline of a steeply pitched roof was clearly visible. A map that had been carefully drawn by her source had brought Kata-Rena to exactly the right spot. Her guide squinted up at the roof.

"That?" he shouted.

"That’s just Ber-Sten. He’s no outlawed singer, lady, he’s just as much of a lunatic as you are! Only he’s dangerous! You better come back with me before he finds out you’re here."

Kata-Rena lifted her briefcase and glared at the youth.

"Don’t try to intimidate me! I don’t threaten easily. I live in The Terran Colony!"

Her guide opened his mouth to argue some more, but quickly reconsidered and gave up. Without another word, he tipped his nautical cap, which proudly displayed his occupation, and then shoved off. He gunned the boat’s little motor and began his long journey back the way they had come. He left Kata-Rena, world_renowned reporter back on Earth, who rarely left the safety of The Colony, standing on the deserted shores of a storm_blackened sea.

"You don’t know what you’re missing!"