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Double Dragon Publishing is a Canadian company with 10+ years of dedication to the fledgling eBook industry and its authors. Touted as ..."one of the best, perhaps THE best, of the electronic publishers" by Piers Anthony in his October 2004 newletter, Double Dragon Publishing has strived to maintain this designation by the iconic fantasy author.

Opening its doors in 2000 with only 12 authors Double Dragon eBooks (Double Dragon's flagship imprint) quickly gained the respect and dedication of hundreds of would-be authors around the world. Now with more than 1400 titles, Double Dragon Publishing's world-wide network for eBook distribution, uncompromising quest for quality, quick understanding of eBook technology and "plain old fashion customer service" and respect for its authors has allowed them to maintain Piers Anthony's judgment back in 2004.

Double Dragon Publishing has grown from a single imprint to eight:

Double Dragon eBooks - Primarily Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Blood Moon Publishing - Horror and Suspense
Carnal Desires Publishing - Erotic Literature
Dragon Dance - Young Adult paperback "chapter books" targeting the "middle-school" age group
Dragon Tooth Fantasy - Fantasy
Dragon's Heart Romance - Romance and love
DDP Literary Press - non-fiction
Double Dragon Press - general "catch-all" paperback imprint

Double Dragon Publishing is a content provider to a number of high profile companies; among these you will recognize Ingram, SONY, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WH Smith and Apple. Unlike other publishers that use a third party to distribute their content, Double Dragon Publishing has profited from a direct and long term relationship with these companies. We also distribute to many smaller companies such as eBooks.com, Diesel eBooks, as well as a number of international eBook retailers around the world, both in English and Non-English speaking markets.

March 2013: Double Dragon Publishing now has a Promotions Manager to help promote DDP titles and to help authors with their promotion strategies.

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Double Dragon Publishing
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1-5762 Highway 7 East
Markham Ontario L3P 7Y4

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